Goals: If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things. -Albert Einstein

Goals for the Network:

  • Getting new members included as soon as possible
  • Making better connections with other student groups & HESA
  • Generating more interest in the Network
  • More members! Involve freshmen
  • Create and environment in which  we can educate, explore and promote the dynamics of health & well being of the whole person; mind body, spirit and environment.
  • ENJOY! Don’t lose sight of the fun! Enjoy the fruits of our labor
  • Creating events, structures, ideas etc that will carry on to the future semesters & years (Not starting over every semester)
  • Fundraising: doubling the amount of our account by the end of the semester

Goals (Personal):

  • Time management
  • Finding a creative outlet
  • Finding balance between staying present & planning the future
  • Balancing everything in general
  • Finding and Building a healthy & safe community
  • Coming together to simply enjoy each other
  • Play more games! Have Fun!

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