Meeting Minutes




Check in:

  • name and something fun on the weekend

Going Over Agenda:

  • Going over blog
  • Student faculty mixer
  • Holistic Health Speakers


  • Looking at Oct 6, waiting for Ken’s green light
  • Check in to poetry center for possible venue
  • overview of tabling and letting everyone it is available
  • Orangeband meeting @ 7PM Mondays

Personal Goals:

  • Setting themes one a month
  • be consistent!
  • multicultural potluck
  • Combining tabling and Fundraising: get donations and sell/ maybe rainbow
  • outreach
  • Art is Healing: maybe late Nov before Thanksgiving
  • Building a strong event forn ext students
  • Perhaps a series for art is healing?
  • a whole sat?
  • Health workshops: series, time management, etc

Meeting: Sept 13, 2010

Welcome and Check-in
Upcoming Events
Event Visioning

Upcoming Events
Student Mixer: Monday Sept 20th, 5-645 pm in HSS 306
Meditation Hour: Tuesdays 12-1 pm in HSS 306
Massage Hour: Thursdays 1130am-1pm in HSS 306

Please create an account and add/join us on Orgsync at This is where all the student organizations register with the school and how the administration can track how many members we have. The more members we have, the stronger we look!

Please help us develop some goals we want to accomplish this semester. These can either be goals for the Network in general, or personal goals that would would like to achieve that the Network can help you with. Lets make this a really productive and successful year!
Added Goals: (1) to create projects, ideas, structures that will carry on beyond this semester (2) to explore and discover different creative outlets, and (3) to double the amount of money we have in our account by the end of the semester, through fund raising.

Fundraising Ideas
Book drive
Nutricous Bake Sale
2nd Edition of Community Cookbook
Benefit Dinner
D0cumentary Showing (w/ OrangeBand and Project Censored)
Vendor – getting a solid vendor or business to come weekly (apothecary, jamba juice, any more ideas?)
Sell things with our logo on it (tea mugs, meditation pillows, t-shirts, stickers, etc.)

Event Visioning
Music/Art Night
Intro community night
Suggested Donations
Bring bunch of instraments
drum/music circle
Open mic
Host in HSS 306, maybe in quad
Have someone lead the musics
First or 2nd wednesday of Oct (6th or 13th)
Have paper and paints for people
Huge Butcher paper for community art projects
Soft background music for mingling time
Design team: Cydney, Sarah, Usha, Katie

Thanks so much everyone! This was such a productive meeting! Lets keep it up next week.

Meeting: Aug 23, 2010


  • Setting specific goals for what we want accomplished
  • Consistent follow through
  • Having specific committees with people assigned to specific tasks

Money still as issue on campus

Massage and meditation might be more popular


  • Massage/meditation hour:
    • Tuesdays 11:30-1 for meditation
    • Thursdays 11-1 for massage
  • Holistic Health Discussion Series: Tuesdays 1:10 – 4
    • Theme- Exploring today’s major health concerns and integrating the 3 dimensions of health: Self, Culture, and Nature
  • Holistic health Career Day – Mon Nov 8th

Monthly Community Nights – Find a time and space

Student Mixer- faculty and student

  • Just holistic health or open to everyone?
  • Invitation to everyone
  • Wednesday Sept 1st and 8th
  • Maybe after the 2nd week to allow people to warm up to each other

Leadership Orientation Sept. 11th
Need to have a member representing the club
Register through

Bioneers – 6 student leaders will be chosen

Massage Workshop
Full body demo

Having big goals and consistently working toward them

  • Major goals:
  • Getting new members involved
  • Making better connections with other student groups and HESA
  • Generating more interest in the Network, attracting more members

Possible meeting limes

  • Mondays 11-12


  • Network and orange band
  • Freshman Community night-RA’s


  • General Health Event separated by Gender
  • Health Cooking Event
  • Art as Therapy: Break out into groups
  • Where to find good news
  • Know your rights
  • NVC
  • Different diets for different people
  • Mental Health: Psychology and HH
  • Legalization of marijuana
  • Altered states of consciousness
  • Community nights – themes and activities

Making a wish list

Agenda for next weeks meeting:

  • Check-in/announcements
  • Goals
  • Events- delegate time and team


Meeting #3 (Feb 17, 2010)

Important note: All who have been involved in the Internship and/or Network are invited to join the Spring 2010 interns at the Retreat Center (near Santa Rosa) on Sunday, Feb 21. Current interns will be heading up Saturday, and past participants are welcome to join for lunch on Sunday. There is a possibility that we could stay Sunday night as well. Kenn is looking into it. If you want to come, let us know at

It was a small network meeting today. Only Katie, Marisa, Amber, and Blossom were in attendance. The main focuses were brainstorming ideas for freshman outreach, the recipe book, and the Eat Well, Be Well Conference.

Freshman Outreach

We tossed around the idea of holding a Freshman Community Night, specifically targeted toward freshman adjusting to the stress loads of college life. Ideas below:

  • Proposed date: evening of March 17 with a St. Patrick’s Day “green” theme
  • Proposed space: HSS 306 in order to introduce freshmen to the Center
  • Outreach: Jacqueline has been working on contacting English 114 teachers and gathering sign-ups from network members/interns to visit the classes. This would be a great thing to announce and offer.
  • What needs to be done: pick date, reserve space, plan program/activities, flier, outreach to freshman classes, fliers in dorms
  • We’re hoping Usha will pick some of this up 🙂

Amber has asked around about outreach to dormitories, and apparently in order to connect to freshmen through the dormitories we have to talk to their RA’s. Amber knows some RA’s and is going to find out more information. There was outreach to the dorms last semester…anyone know who was in charge of that? If you do, please comment below.

Recipe Book

We may have had a little too much fun talking about the recipe book…cooking cooking cooking! Progress is going well–Marisa is gathering “gazillions” of recipes. Katie, Marisa, and Blossom will group up at the internship retreat to create a lay-out. Marisa is gathering the recipes, Katie will format them on her computer, and then we’ll probably go to Kinko’s for the final printing/binding.

We will print in early March, so that we can start selling the books about a month before the Eat Well, Be Well Conference. Copies will be available for purchase at all events, in the Holistic Health Center, and at tabling. They can also be used as gifts for networking and to show appreciation to speakers. Prices will be determined when printing cost is determined.

We had an extensive discussion about the issue of recipe wording…specifically, the vagueness of instructions such as, a “pinch” of this, or a “a couple spoons” of that. On one hand, there is a special human touch to such wording and the practiced cook will appreciate the invitation to follow their intuition. On the other hand, those less comfortable in the kitchen may feel lost and frustrated with the lack of direction. We decided that we need to find the balance in between that will appeal to the most, and this will hopefully become apparent as we collect recipes.

Eat Well, Be Well

The meeting concluded with a brainstorming session for the Eat Well, Be Well conference. A lot still needs to be done!! Below are ideas that we came up with:

  • An angelic, volunteer nutritionist who will be present throughout the day to give 5 (maybe 7 or 10?)-min maximum private nutritional consultations. They could have a table somewhere and take sign-ups to meet with students one-by-one while the other events are going on
  • 1 or 2 demonstration tables where people are preparing a recipe from our very own Recipe Book–live. It would be great to have someone that is knowledgeable in nutrition, who could give a running commentary and answer questions as they prepare the food. They could provide samples, and this would be a GREAT way to promote the Recipe Book. Possible cook: Uma Bhatnagar (teaches HH Eastern Perspectives) or Katie’s mom/dad.
  • Workshops should be around 40 minutes each, so that people can choose 2 to attend in the 90 minute period.
  • Some work shops should be more than lecture…more interactive, giving participants something more to walk away with than lecture notes
  • Incorporate vendors into lunch period

There will be a meeting for more extensive Eat Well, Be Well Conference planning at Anne’s house (near campus), Wednesday, February 24th at 10am. Potluck style, bring a snack to share…and let’s make it healthy this time, given the topic of discussion 😉

Upcoming Dates

Sunday, Feb 21 – noonish – Retreat Center – Join Internship retreat for lunch and onward

Monday, Feb 22 – 5pm – Samantha’s house – HH Banner-making potluck

Wednesday, Feb 24 – 10am – Anne’s house – Eat Well, Be Well design meeting

Monday, Mar 1 – 7:15pm – HSS 322 – Lunar Cycles Event

Meeting #2 (Feb 10, 2010)

Outreach to Freshmen

Jacqueline proposed the idea of visiting Freshmen English classes for HH promotion. She passed around a sheet of paper with all of the English class times, and network members signed up to visit classes that fit their schedule. Jacqueline still has to contact those teachers and get permission.

If you would be willing to visit a freshman English class and introduce them to the our program, please contact Jacqueline at You will be provided with a suggested script and fliers.


It was brought up that the tabling supplies need a little cleaning up. Jacqueline is going to either do it herself or propose the task as a project for an intern.

March 4th Banners – Rally Pregame Community Night

There will be a massive rally against Budget Cuts on March 4th, Civic Center at 5pm. The network will be joining around this event the night before to make banners.

What: Banner making, potluck, open mic gathering

When: Proposed time/day is March 3, 6-9pm

Who: Open to all. Hosted by Network, invite General Assembly and Student Union & Power communities

Where: HSS 306?

Bring (if you can): Banner making supplies, food for potluck, anything you’d like to share on the mic

HH Banner Party

Student organizations can put up weekly banners in the Cesar Chavez Student Center. We would like to make banners for every week of the Season of Nonviolence, and some of our bigger events. What a great excuse to gather! Open to all, please join!

What: Holistic Health Banner making potluck

Where: Samantha’s art center (aka garage). Contact Samantha at for her address. She lives very close to campus.

When: March 22, 5:00pm

Bring (if you can): Banner making supplies (posters, paints, etc), delicious food, creativity

Earth Day / Art Show

Earth Day is a Friday, April 22 and this year is the 40th Anniversary. Sam is working on connecting with Eco-students. The eco-students are going to organize most of the event, and the HH Network will co-host. Samantha is working on connecting with them and organizing an eco-art show for Earth Day.

The art show will be centered around the theme of celebrating the earth. The Network will take submissions, pick art to show, and set up a display.

The Art Show design team meets on Thursdays at 3:00pm in the HH Learning Center. For more info or to participate in the design, contact Samantha at

Awakening the Dreamer Event

Eco students are collaborating with the Pachamama Alliance to hold an event called “Awakening the Dreamer.” Designed with the collaboration of some of the finest scientific, indigenous and activist minds in the world, this Symposium explores the current state of our planet from a new perspective, and connects participants with a powerful global movement to reclaim our future. For more information, visit:

Though details are still being decided upon, the event will probably be held the day before Earth Day (April 21st), as an opening to celebration of the earth. It has been proposed that the Network co-host this event, providing a space in HSS 306. The Eco-students are doing most of the planning, and Samantha is working on incorporating the Eco-Art Show into this event as well.

Recipe Book

The Network is putting together a recipe book, compiled of healthy recipes gathered from our members and community.

Please contribute! Send a recipe (or 2, or 3)  to Marisa Soski at Please include the source of your recipe.

Meeting #1 (Feb 3, 2010)

The network gathered in the Holistic Health Center this Wednesday for the first official meeting of the semester. The main topics addressed were Fundraising and Outreach. Below are the results of our brainstorming…

Fundraising Ideas

  • Invite vendors to sell goods on campus once a week and share profits

Vendor takes 60% profit and HHN gets around 40%. We would like to have one or two regular vendors (weekly or biweekly) and also invite vendors to try it out once.

If you know anyone who may be interested in being a vendor on campus and holds values that compliment those that holistic health network promotes  (crafts, art, local artisan food, etc), contact someone in the network! We’ll give you the information and paperwork you need to pass on to possible vendors.

  • Food sales during tabling
  • Tip jar while tabling with massage chair
  • HH Network Healthy Recipe Book

The Network is going to compile a recipe book, pooled from the kitchens of members, interns, and whoever else can contribute! We will sell the in the Center, at tabling, and at the Eat Well Be Well Conference. Marisa will be compiling the book, and Katie will be designing the cover and lay-out.

Please contribute your favorite, healthy recipe! Bring your recipe(s) to the next meeting on Wednesday, or e-mail it to the network at Include where you got the recipe.

  • Food Challenge…incorporate into Recipe Book somehow?
  • Show documentary, A Simple Question in theater and charge small fee
  • Sell Aphrodisiac “love potion” during Valentine’s Day week

Outreach Ideas

  • Blog

Katie is taking charge of the Network blog. (Hi!! That’s me! -Katie)

  • Invite HESA (Health Education Student Association) to Center for an event and give them a recipe book
  • Tabling

Jacquelin is going to take charge of tabling in the internship. In the meeting, a paper was passed around and members signed up for a voluntary weekly tabling shift. Note that bringing out the massage chair is an excellent way to attract attention.

Tabling is a great way to help out the network and promote the Center. If you would like to participate in tabling and/or massage, please contact us!

  • SNV (Season of Nonviolence) Community Night

Let’s do it! Usha is investigating a time and place we could hold one.

  • Earth Day Celebration

Jacquelin is in contact with Eco students who have reserved space for a celebration. Planning has not yet officially begun.

  • Banner in Student Center

Student organizations can put up a welcoming banner in the Student Center for during the first 5 weeks of school for…get this…FREE. Sam has opened her art space (garage) to anyone that would like to create an creative, attractive banner. After the first 5 weeks, we can hang banners a week before events. The first banner should probably say something about the Season of Nonviolence. We should definitely put up a banner for the Eat Well Be Well Conference, along with smaller events.

  • Make announcements in your classes
  • Create a banner for the March 4th Protest
  • Create a SNV Weekly Practices on a calendar in the Center
  • Ren’s Documentary

An intern, Ren is creating a documentary about the Holistic Health Institute this semester. He will be filming Holistic Health Classes, Internship meetings, and events.

Let Ren know about events coming up so that he can be present and represent the amazing work that comes out of our efforts!

Preliminary Meeting

The meeting began with a discussion of what logo we wanted to represent the Holistic Health Network. The consensus so far is to have an image of our planet (Earth!) embedded in a triangle on a visually appealing background. We plan to have a banner made for tabling and include the sale of books and mugs to fund the Holistic Health Learning Center. Cards are in the process of being made to further promote the Network and will include useful information regarding sustainability, health, food, ethics and community building.

Our goals for outreach this semester is to have tabling begin earlier in the semester and have it be a reliable undertaking and to outreach to the freshman dorms. The Network would also be working more closely with the Holistic Health Internship to provide further cohesion and support for their projects.

Lastly, there was a decision to shorten the length of the Eat Well Be Well Conference and extend the length of the workshops due to planning constraints.

Cheers to the New Semester!

*We would also love to have our members to send us your availability to attend the meetings!*


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